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MIT Professors Pitch in to #Philosophy12

This tweet started a ball rolling that saw me sending a late-at-night email to MIT Philosophy professor Sally Haslanger about why there weren’t any female Metaphysicians listed on Wikipedia’s List of Metaphysicists [Note: the page has since been updated to reflect our question.]. Sally was gracious enough to email me back the following morning, asking if she might “share your question with some of my female metaphysician friends?”

Which gave way to a conversation that began in room 111 – and on #ds106radio – showing up on this blog, moderated at least in part by Berit Brogaard:

Bryan Jackson recently wrote to Sally Haslanger to ask why there were no women on the list of metaphysicians on wikipedia. Sally shared this very good question with a few philosophers who have been interested in similar questions. After some discussion via email Sally started revising the entry. I have no idea how to revise wiki entries or what the rules are for making revisions, but I strongly encourage wiki-tech-y people to make further improvements to the list.

The comments on the post delve into the mechanics of editing wikipedia to reflect a broader perspective (which was one of our intents), as well as debate about the inclusion of various philosophers on the list itself, which is much more than, though maybe just exactly, what I was hoping when I sent Sally that initial email.

Hopefully it is only the beginning of a dialogue with some of the continents most intelligent philosophers and theorists as we continue our exploration of #philosophy12.


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