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Happiness logic ~ Imtiaz

Happiness logic

“Happiness is not something ready made it comes from your own action” the dali lama. Everyone on this planet wants to be happy and no one knows the secret to happiness except for me.  The secret to happiness is obviously to do drugs because drugs are the source of all things happy.

All humans want to be happy

Drugs make you happy

/ all human should do drugs

The war on drugs has failed!… There has been an ongoing war on drugs for decades in which the United States alone spent billions of dollars, to stop the war but nothing happened. The illegal narcotic industry is bigger than ever and the amount of narcotics that is flushed into the Americas is insurmountable. Sure the war did some damage to the drug industry but the damaged done is very little and did nothing to stop the boom of drugs. The government sees marijuana as the “devils lettuce” and enforces strict laws into preventing the distribution but what they don’t notice is that there are plenty of other drugs that cause much more harm to humans. Drugs such as alcohol and prescribed medicine such as oxycodone are much more harmful for the human body and the government sees that as perfectly normal drugs. The drugs debate has been going on for years and I can’t think of a solution to the epidemic and neither can any politician.

All x want y

Z makes y

All x should z


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