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Our Epistemology unit brought up so many interesting topics, I had a pretty hard time finding something to rant about. We went through Paradigms and Maximum Knowledge and Physiological Zombies and so on—all equally interesting. But in the end I picked something that I thought was the coolest and actually have been thinking about for the longest time which our group also picked: the truth. I’ll start off with listing all my questions and then going into depth later on because it’s ridiculously hard to put into words everything that’s going on in my head. So here they are:

1. How were humans really created? Where did we come from? How did humans come to earth? Did we come here at all or were we formed here?
2. How was the world created?
3. Are we the only species? Do the supernatural exist?
4. Why do we die?


One: How do we really know how we were created? There’s so many different theories that came up over time that really you can just pick and choose which sounds the most logical to you.

1) Science’s Theory: How did life begin? Are we alone in the Universe? How did life begin on Earth is one of the big unsolved questions humanity has always asked. Biology has been very good at describing how living organisms work, but not very good at answering what life is or how it could emerge from a non-organic, non-living world. Theories such as evolution, there are two separate paths that changes can take. One is microevolution: Small changes over a long time. The other is macroevolution: Large, abrupt changes that completely change a species. To date, scientists have multiple theories on how the two interact, but one of the older theories that’s starting to make a comeback is what’s known as macro mutation.
Basically, it’s a genetic aberration that is so different from its relatives that it’s essentially a whole new species. A neurobiologist from Oxford University, Colin Blakemore, believes this happened to humans. Some ancestor, was born with a severe genetic defect that made him or her way smarter than other early humans. It was a total accident that just happened to be highly beneficial from a survival perspective, and this person (who could presumably still mate with other humans) passed on this mutation to his or her offspring. But where did that person come from? How did the first human ever to walk earth form to be a human being?

Religion’s Theory: People who are religious believe that everything happened from one or multiple gods. That one higher power was a creator of all mankind. This also very much could be a possibility, but where is the proof? The bible is thousands of years old and re-written plenty of times. I am definitely not trying to talk down on it, if you’re religious I have nothing against it at all. But because I am annoying realist, I need actually proof that shows me this is what it is. So this to me is just another possible theory, but not the answer.

Random Theory: What if humans were the aliens? Scientists claim the universe is so large that not even half is yet discovered. Then technically, we are just another planet full of aliens? We could have been brought here at the beginning of time because our ‘original planet’ was declining and it was the closets planet we could survive on.
This website talks about a very interesting theory of human descent: http://www.theosophy-nw.org/theosnw/science/sc-ibel.htm

Could have we really been created by a higher power? One person had to ability to just make an entire race? If someone had powers like that back then, where are the people like that now? Is it a myth or a fact?

2) There are different beliefs and theories about how the earth was formed and no one theory could tell exactly how the earth came to be. Scientists believe that the earth was formed more than 4 billion years ago. They found this out by studying the radioactive elements contained in rocks. Others believe their god’s powers created it. Some believe that the earth was made by God. The Chinese believe that the earth was created by Pan Ku, a supernatural being. A Japanese myth tells that the earth was a creation of two deities Izanami and Izanagi. In 600 B.C., Thales thought that the life was made possible on earth because of water. According to him, the earth is like a big basin floating in water. Another important man named Anaximander suggested that the earth began from a ball of fire that covered a cold mass. When the ball of fire burst into pieces, the pieces became the bodies in space while the cold mass became the world. Scientific explanations are based on facts that are well researched by scientists. Here are some of the scientific theories about the origin of the world. Tidal Theory The tidal theory was theorized by Sir James Jeans; an English mathematician and physicist. According to the tidal theory, the Earth was formed from materials pulled out from the sun. The theory explains that while the sun existed alone at first, there came a time when another star passed very near the sun. The movement created big tides that tore away some of the gas in the suns outer layer. Eventually, the gas massed together and formed bodies that became planets. The Nebular Theory explains that the sun and the planets were formed at the same time from a great cloud of dust and gas floating in space. This material collapsed because of gravity and became a mass. As time passed, the smaller mass began to rotate and formed a disc. The rotation caused a bulge in the disc and as the rotation went on the bulge became hotter and hotter until it produced enough energy to shine. This became the sun while the other smaller bodies around it became the planets. Everybody believes differently of how the world was created based on the type of people they are and their religions.

3) So this is the part where I get excited. Because I love to read fiction books, my minds really open to any possibilities and would actually be fascinated with the idea of this being true. What if all the stories of the supernatural were true? What if they really do roam the earth, but are being hidden from humans by government? It could be possible, because after all, isn’t that what they did with aliens? And if something crazy like an alien could exist, why couldn’t a vampire? The world is billions of years old, the craziest thing that evolved isn’t a flying squirrel. What if all the Greek Gods are real? What if all these stories that we think are stories are, or were once true? And if they are, where are they now? Is it possible that it was all true, but lies hidden somewhere out of the reach of society’s grasp? The natives, the Indians, the Africans—they all have these stories that we think are impossible but who decided that they are? What we know from years ago is only word of mouth. Anything could be possible!

4) For some reason, I thought this should be included into this blog because I thought of an interesting theory so this one is just for fun. What if humans only die because we are on the wrong planet? What if immortality is real? What if humans were immortal beings but because one of our race came to earth long ago, was not able to go back and had to start reproduction only to find the earth’s air not healthy for our systems, hence causing us to decease.




For this blog post, I was really excited to just let some of my wonders catch fire, so hopefully this post turned out to be somewhat interesting to you readers.
Thanks for watching!


One Response to Truth

  1. Chris Price says:

    Great post! I enjoyed reading it. I have a few friendly comments. You wrote:

    “Theories such as evolution, there are two separate paths that changes can take. One is microevolution: Small changes over a long time. The other is macroevolution: Large, abrupt changes that completely change a species. To date, scientists have multiple theories on how the two interact, but one of the older theories that’s starting to make a comeback is what’s known as macro mutation.”

    This is factually inaccurate. I would encourage you to read popularized versions of evolutionary theory like Richard Dawkin’s Climbing Mount Improbable or The Blind Watchmaker. While you are certainly correct in distinguishing between micro and macro evolution (though some biologists dispute the usefulness of this distinction) they don’t represent two different theories of evolution. Macro evolution, which assumes that all living organisms are related and go back to one or several simply life-forms, is just the result of microevolution extrapolated over a long, long period of time.

    But one thing we must get clear is that evolutionary theory presupposes gradualism. It eschews any notion of ‘abrupt’ changes. Darwin rejected this notion outright as do all other modern evolutionists. The only confusing pseudo exception might by the theory of Punctuated Equilibrium proposed by Stephen Jay Gould to try and explain the lack of transitional fossils in the fossil record. His proposal is not popular and it is also a form of ‘faster’ gradualism which doesn’t assume ‘abrupt changes’. Macro evolution has never made a comeback. This was always the theory, but when evidence is provided to justify it, it is often examples of microevolution (Darwin’s finches, fish in lake victoria, the evolution of bacteria, peppered moths etc).

    Secondly, on the religious view of the world. What would constitute proof? What would this proof look like and have you read any of the ‘proofs’ offered by philosophers, theologians and scientists? Also, why assume that the scientific picture and the theological picture are fundamentally at odds with one another?

    All in the spirit of friendly interaction,



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