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Why do we believe?

After this whole thing with Epistemology I’ve found many interesting topics but one was belief and I came up with the question why do we believe? Why do people feel that having something to believe in is so important? Some people believe that it’s the way that someone is brought that depends on why and how much they believe in religion. I personally believe that it’s when someone is feeling empty that they really get deep into religion for example Christianity I’m not trying to single this religion out but it’s just that I see mostly Christians that get really into their religion and feel that they have to live their life in a certain to get into heaven.

If people believe in religion to that they have to live their life in a specific doesn’t that really defeat the whole purpose of life? Because to live life is to experience new things it’s to be adventurous if we live our whole life in this metaphorical “shell” I guess it’s almost as if we limit ourselves and cheat ourselves out of a great life. Another question that I came up with was what would life be if there was no religion? Would the hardcore believers be lost with their lives? Would the world be in complete chaos without it? No one knows the answer to these questions and we never will find out the answer to these questions because the human race simply sees religion as a big topic that we all can’t live without. But at the same time I can understand on why people are religious because I myself am a Buddhist would I consider myself as a hardcore Buddhist? No, I wouldn’t but I get that it’s nice to know that when I feel down or need guidance I feel like I can just go to the temple and find out the answer after praying. However, would I ever live my life strictly around Buddhism I probably wouldn’t to be honest because I would feel like I’m cheating myself out of a lot of great experiences.

One more topic that I would like to touch is on why do people like to pretend that they are religious? It’s one thing if someone is honestly a hardcore Christian , Buddhist, or Muslim etc but why do people in certain situations suddenly become religious? For example Barney Stinson a character from How I met your mother is in a certain situation between him and his two friends while trying to find what he is looking for he suddenly gets down on both knees and clasps his hands together and prays to god even though what he does in the show would be considered a sin now I’m not only using a TV show as my example because I have seen this with my own eyes two very close people to me who I thought were Buddhist suddenly turned Christian around their friends because they knew that they could get something for free. So is that right? Is it right to fake that your’re a certain religion for your own personal gain? In my eyes yes it is but to some people they see nothing wrong with it but this all ties together this is honestly why I can and never will be able to take religion seriously because on one side you have the extremists but on the other side you have the people who claim to be religious when they’re not. However, all we can do is to sit back and just keep our faith and continue to live our lives in whatever way whether we’re religious or not.

Just saying if anyone else is interested I came across this article that really sparked my interest into this who belief thing while I was researching for my topic http://robertnielsen21.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/why-people-are-religious/



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