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School sucks- Andrea

What do i know?

How do I know it?

What are the implications of knowing this?

These three are all the “big picture” questions of epistemology. I have a simpler question:

What is the what?

What is the truth? and why is it true?

We are about to embark on a deep and dark journey in to my brain. I will attempt to portray the complicated occurrence called: Andrea’s thought process. Unfortunately in order to show what I have concluded from epistemology, rather than fast forwarding to the end, the journey must start from the begging. Bear with me as my mind does tend to jump around very much.

The beginning

Truth, and interesting Idea. If the thoughts of two different people are different, the who is correct? What is true and what is knowledge. According to contemporary epistemology, knowledge is a justified true belief. The logic there checks out. If the truth is a justified true belief and knowledge is the truth, than knowledge is a justified true belief. Before reading about the Gettier Problem I was ready to just leave it at that. Alas, every idea must be questioned. The gettier problem concurs that all justified true beliefs may not be knowledge due to the element of luck. in the case of Smith and Jones the basis of the justified true belief was only infered and was true by chance. Since the fact that was used to justify the belief just happened to be true, he does not truly know. This fascinating finding brought me back to the original question. What is true? Only one answer was found adequate in my world: It depends.

The illusion of one ultimate truth cannot be possible, and if it exist, it must be impossible for us to understand it. People tend to see things the way that they want to. Some people don’t even care if they a re wrong, they will live their lives happily in ignorance. Not that it’s a terrible idea since to some people ,this is the only way they can function. The idea that there is no solid answer or meaning to world was very easy for me to understand, even though i hadn’t given it much though. The idea that we are spending our life times to find this unreachable conclusion is a bit strange. This is were I hit my first rock.

The whole point of science and knowledge is to one day find the truth. That’s great! I’m all for science and am actually very interested in these kinds of studies. I quickly contradicted myself by questioning all the work that is being done to know the unknowable.I support the advancement of mankind yet it is silly to me that we use all of our lives on the truth and finding what it means. If truth is perspective, than how do people collaborate on ideas, wouldn’t that mean no one could reach agreement? Yet we attempt to do that everyday.

The Confusion Denial

Why is there no answer? Why is the concept never ending. We think and think about it happily succumbing to a solution that doesn’t answer anything. If this is all true, why worry about it. Why should we study philosophy? Why would we study anything for that matter.

“Who cares” -Kristina Stump

Why do we attempt to learn subjects that one day, will not matter to us? It may sound silly, but what would be the point of living? I think that’s the question that drives us, why are we here? Maybe the reason we keep going and learn to evolve is because we have the ability to attain knowledge. Not many species hold the ability to attain information at the rate we do. I refuse to admit that something that is instinct is pointless. I am very driven by my curiosity and my interest in learning, i like knowing many things. Since the beginning of time, superior people where educated people. The more you know the better and wiser you are. Here comes another contradicting idea.

If knowledge is natural to learn, and knowledgeable people are open-minded people, why do we strive to beat others, and rather than learning for it’s own sake, we learn to be better than another. Competition drives a lot of us to learn, getting the best grades, earning scholarships, being awarded. It’s all the ideal dream of the perfect student. That’s what I was raised with, it wasn’t about learning or knowing things, but about getting the grades my parents wanted. I developed my own way of learning. By being able to momentarily memorize information I could easily ace a test, however I would forget a lot at the end. I spoke to Dylan and I made a startling discovery. You see, Dylan did not care at all for his grades ( and by that I mean he cares more about actually learning) , he genuinely wants to understand. He was so fascinated and enveloped in learning cool things. To my non-surprise Dylan has some of the brightest ideas and theories, and it’s fascinating to see him think. Now I know, the school system has failed me

Lying School

All school has gotten me is the feeling of stupidity because of a number on a piece of paper. Competition is a huge part of school. We all strive for a better grade, and frankly I’m fed up. I may not have the worlds best writing skills but shouldn’t my opinions matter just as much as other people’s?Aidan would agree with me, saying I work and study just as much as others.In that sense our effort mark should matter more than the grade, yet it doesn’t. It’s all about getting a high grade enough to get in to university and then getting a high grade in that in order to land a great job and life. Getting a bachelors degree was one day a guaranteed job. but now it just makes you average.

Now that universities want diversity and involved students, I am working my but off trying achieve high grades, work a stressful job, and trying to be culture, just to be average? It’s the career inflation, more jobs are requiring a minimum bachelors degree. By the time I finish my bachelors they will require a masters. There is a mass of recently graduated people with a bachelor degree, but no employers to employ them since they are already full staffed. Knowledge has turned in to a challenge. I feel stupid because I personally do not feel at par with others. Because I chose to be responsible and be cultured I have little time left to myself. In return I get zero sleep and really bad anxiety. Only an educational system reform, where getting rid of grades will push others to just work hard

I hope you have understood my crazy jumbly mind. Let’s hope one day we can looked to this reformed system, and maybe one day we will all trully be eual and no less than any others.


One Response to School sucks- Andrea

  1. Aidan C says:

    Interesting at the end you seem to suggest that with education reform we will become truly [educationally] equal. That seems to suggest that in contrast the current system makes us unequal, supposedly pitting us against our peers on a fabricated scale that assumes memory for learning. I imagine the occupy movement and how there were people angry with the situation that they have a university degree but no jobs will take them. It’s almost as if there is such fierce competition that there exists an oligopoly in the job market held by those who care more about working and keeping a job than the well-being of their family, the company of their friends or the maintenance of their health. Having a decent job is almost a privilege: you need good grades, a university degree, many years experience (for which you need experience), charm and a good deal of luck. In some cases, you’re signing up to let your job run your life. Your only escape is the two-week vacation your boss begrudgingly lets you take because you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You’re miles in debt; student loans from university, mortgage from the big house to impress your boss/coworkers, expensive car loan to impress your clients (which means more sales) and the taxes you have to pay to the government for making so much money. The irony all is, at the very least for someone who has a mediocre middle-class job, the government doesn’t bother to help pay for this university. Why is it generally accepted that education up to high school is a necessity while government-funded university or college is a luxury? Do Canadians not wish for a greater well-being of society? Has it not become evident that the ability to raise a family, even to live on ones own, is implausible without higher education? Education is provided free because the more people who are educated the better society becomes; every person benefits from having the people around them be educated. Let’s extend that to what the private market has already picked up on and is struggling to provide.

    /rant. (sorry if this stayed too far from the post)


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