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Power: state vs. people

Questioning the government seems to be somewhat of a common thing amongst the population. We criticize the amount of power that our state has, yet we do nothing to make a change. The idea of having no control in our own society enrages many of us. If this is a fear that we all have, why don’t we step up and take the power?

Democracy gives us of legal age and registration the ability to vocalize our preference in political leaders. But with the ability to control the majority in government, what do we do with it? Sheep give their trust to their herder in where they choose to guide them. Similarly, people invest their trust in an elected leader. Ironically, people can be lead to ignorant knowledge. In a Jimmy Kimmel skit interviewing randomly selected Americans along a busy street, they were question on whether they preferred ObamaCare, versus the Affordable Care Act. Hilariously enough, each interviewed citizen had biased opinions for and against selected health care plans. Reason for humour in these opinions are because ObamaCare and the Affordable Care Act are the exact same health care plan; simply with ObamaCare being a name to represent what Obama stands for. When informed on their ignorance, their embarrassment abruptly altered to anger. Can we blame our political leaders if we are ignorant enough to blindly place someone in charge? Government is a safety net for the people. We elect who we wish to place the blame on when something goes wrong.

Another question we asked ourselves was “what happens when a courageous group or single person decides to take the power? ” A lot of the times, these people are seen as terrorists and perpetrators that go against the majority. This may be a factor in why most of us are submissive to the leader that is accepted by the mainstream of society.

Our aspiration at mind is to look deeper into the capitulation of the people’s power, and the vigour of those who utilize the chance to lead.


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