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Wiki leaks vs. the Government vs. Ethics ~imtiaz and Julian

big-brother1“Big brother is always watching you” is a widely used phrase that was written by George Orwell, to emphasize an omnipresent, seemingly benevolent figure that represents oppressive control of individual lives, who is absent in the believe of morals and or ethics.

The government no matter where you live keeps certain facts from the public, sometimes for selfish reasons and other times for the greater good of the country. Kant’s  theory, for the greater good is applied by the government. Big brother decides on your behalf what information should be public and what shouldn’t be, that isn’t exactly a secret; the information that they keep from prying eyes is very sensitive information that in most cases can start some serious internal and foreign conflicts. They decide everything that goes on your daily lives, they can decide what you eat where you work and where you can live and yet they say that you are free. Freedom is the belief to act, speak and think as one wants, but the government strains those rights and makes you think, act and speak the way they want. By blocking certain information from reaching the public they brainwash their people into believing what they feel you should believe in.

Amongst all the Tierney and the abuse of power, there are some people who fight an endless shadow war against “those who oppose true freedom” (Julian Assange).  These so called freedom fighters of the internet believe that information should be free and that no one should ever have the right to block or obstruct any information. Edward Snowden, wiki leaks have one thing in common and it’s to make sure that the people make their decision for themselves instead of the government making the decision for them. The main theory that the shadow fighter follow is W.D rosses theory, which basically states that morality is more important than greater good.

The morals and believes of people such as Julian Assange can be very extreme to a point of endangering innocent lives. They have a tendency to prove their points at all costs no matter what or who is in their way. They have created innocent victims and created false documents at times but they meant well. Their morals are in the right place but the way they acquire the information can be very dodgy at times because they manipulate people but most of the times they invade peoples privacies by hacking into their computers and or telephones. They have been caught for phone tapping at a time but they never used the information gained through unethical mean.

Julians point of view

We are protected by these regulations every day of our lives.  Utopia includes a government trusted by all members of society, that being said, with the exponential increase in education and distribution of information, the world has become more aware of governmental decisions and begins to question them using each individual’s perspective and rate certain actions based on this hierarchical system of ‘what is right’.


In the past decades, there have been many secret operations done by the American government that involved the disappearance of people or causing destruction to buildings and the environment through “needs” of security and war.  Imagine if society became available to these facts and files of history…we wouldn’t be as upset about the actual information, but rather the fact that a nation’s own government (the one organization that is supposed to bring about the most good) would lie to us.  Surely these actions were taken with protection of happiness in mind, as this is the only purpose in lying.  “A pure democracy is a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person.”  James Madison.  The true downfall of a democracy is when there are too many participants.


We have seen a varied moral decision process occur in the minds of leaders across the world who either distributes the wealth as evenly as possible between that nation’s populations, or rather store it in their own pockets, leaders who have conscripted their people into war and others who have left it in the hands of people to volunteer.  The world as we know it is in constant conflict between deciding what is right and which system will bring about the most good, but isn’t this the very same reason that is slowing down globalization?  The very same reason obligates us to take into consideration all beliefs and potential issues that will come up either in the long run or shortly after.  This very same scenario would occur within a certain nation if even more members who are wanting to be a contributor to the democratic council are open to such information and can form an opinion on what decisions should be made and in what manner, it would develop an even greater cluster than all of the nations of the world find themselves in today.



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