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phil’s week off -imtiaz

Family, Duty, Honor                                                                              Imtiaz

Philosophy’s week off                     

A picture is says more than a thousand words; a common saying that has been reused way too much to gay2imtiazisafaggityfagfagdescribe great works of art and curiously revolutionized the world of art and aesthetics in general. 

During my winter break my family came together from all over the world for the celebration of the New Year. It was the biggest family gathering in the past five years. I struggled to find something aesthetic and while I was trying to find my very own aesthetic experience my parents bought an outrageously expensive painting that had no value in my eyes. It was a superbly crafted painting of a man and his best friend, a black German Shepard; which seemed to be in pain. As my head struggled to figure out the meaning of the painting, I slowly started to overthink and come up with vastly outrageous explanations, on the meaning of the painting. I thought it portrayed the meaning of life and that life was a fragile and delicate thing. Then I convinced myself for about an hour that the painting showed the true meaning of friendship and its value. gay1imtiazisafagAs I studied the painting furthermore I found that the painter Leona desanche carefully and cleverly hid some pictures amongst the grasses and the sky. It hid words such as family in the sky and friendship in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. After that I was sure of the meaning, it only enhanced my other theory that the painting was a mere mirage of life, pain, and suffering. That painting was the text book definition of a painting that speaks volumes, while showing the viewer life and meaning in pictures without saying a single world.

Finally when I began a conversation with my parents on the meaning of the painting they explained to me that the painting isn’t very complicated, they explained to me that “the painting merely shows you the importance of family during troublesome times and it shows and that it showed the true meaning of family.




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