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The power of aesthetic experiences – Tyler

It was on three days before winter break when I had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted. Beside the pain, it was the fact that I couldn’t eat anything solid that really demoralized me. During the healing process, I had one of the most amazing aesthetic experiences in my own house.

I live in the 19th floor of an apartment facing Rocky Point so there is always an amazing view at sunset. Although I used to see the sunset often when I first moved into the apartment, I rarely take the time to look at the views anymore because of other factors. When I had my teeth removed, I was afraid to even move an inch for the fear of bleeding would start again. So I sat in despair and in thought of all the possible foods I can endulge myself in when the sky started to turn bright orange. The great light from the sunset blinded me for a second, but it was a truly astonoshing sight. The sky then transitioned from orange to purple, and eventually pitch black. It might have taken 30 to 40 minutes for the process, but time was irrelevent to this beauty of nature. Between the transition from day to dawn, my pain was gone, and only awe was present. In this short while, I came up with a significant realization. The sunset from the 18th of December, 2013 will be unique from any other sunsets. Similarly, everyday for the rest of my life will be unique from any other days, so it’s impossible to go back to live a day that’s already passed. Instead of living in the past, it’s important to live without regrets in the present. Looking into the sunset took me by a pleasant surprise, and it filled me up with an emotion that I’d never felt before. I know from this experience that there will be many more lessons to be taken by the nature within itself.

So, the question remains: Will you live a day that you won’t have any regrets in? A simple, yet power question. I realize that the myself in the present will be vastly different from myself in the future, and every decision that I make from now on will shape my future, just as my past decisions make up who I am now. I wanted to share this experience and what I learned from it with the class in hopes that this will encourage people to take the time to consider what actions they take in the future, for better or worse.


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