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Open Online Participant Invite for 2014-15

Welcome (back) (again)!

For now the third year running, Gleneagle Secondary‘s Philosophy 12 class is being conducted as an open-online course that you are invited to join as a non-credit learner in the community.

Like it sounds, being a non-credit student means that you will not receive any institutional credit for your participation in the course, but are invited to read and view along with us, post your own thoughts as posts and / or comments on the blog site, or submit assignments for any of the corresponding units. There are no minimums, and no apologies for open-online learners in Philosophy 12: do as much or as little as you like.

To read a little of how this open approach influenced the first incarnation of Philosophy 12, see these posts from last two years:

Feel free to share your thoughts with us via the #Philosophy12 hashtag on Twitter, and help us keep you in the loop by entering a few details in the form below.

Note: If you were an open online participant last year, or a for-credit student, your details are still in our databases, and you should still be an author on the blog. If your contact information has changed, please fill out the form again, or contact Bryan Jackson via email bryan at bryanjack.ca or on Twitter @bryanjack. 


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