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Philosophy Refections Post

Philosophy is filled with hours, days and years of pondering the questions of life. In this field we seek to fully and completely understand the world and the universe surrounding it. Philosophy can be seen as the science of the immeasurable, but one must ask “how do you measure the immeasurable”? And through what methods can we find the answers we seek? The essays read and discussed in class (Talk with me by Nigel Warburton and Why not just weigh the fish? by Robert Pasnau) both seemed to suggest that philosophy is under valued and disrespected in our current society, most often by scientist. In the article Why not just weigh the fish the writer points out the amount of disrespect that scientist have for the field of philosophy and then continues to argue how philosophy is better than science through persuasive insults designed, or so it seems, to bash scientists the way that they do to philosophers.

It is true that some believe that Philosophy is a waste of time and that it’s laughable to simply think about things all day and do little hands on work to find the answers. There is a belief in our modern society that science is superior and now that we have science to answer our questions philosophers should find themselves new, better paying day jobs. Many argue that science is measurable, observable and well, useful. However some may disagree, they say that scientists don’t know as much as they claim too, that they are over-confident and see only in black in white.

What all of these people fail to see is that science and philosophy are two very similar things, both with useful purposes. Science helps the world survive by having doctors to heal, physicists to understand the materials, chemists to discover and much more to aid in human kinds survival.

While science may find the way to survive, philosophy explains the reasons why we survive. Philosophers use abstract reasoning to answer different kinds of questions, thinking deeper and searching through the grey areas scientists always seem to miss. Philosophy keeps us connected to our humanity; allows us to change our minds, our opinions and discover the world through different perspectives.

These two fields have such large disagreements on how to find the answers that they don’t stop to realize that they are asking the same questions and seek to understand the same world. Philosophy and science are both important methods used to learn the ways and the makings of our universe and thus, both deserve respect.


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