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Questioning Time

All in Italics is the thought process.

Time, its pretty simple, it moves in one direction, and time doesn’t stop or as Benjamin Franklin once said “You may delay, but time will not.” It seems that the most scarce resource I have is time. Everyday I lose a day of time, where did that time go? Did I actually use that time? Can I decide not to use that time? From what I can perceive in this reality, time is a finite resource, is that for the better or the worse? Is infinite time really worth it? Why are so many aesthetics only available for short periods of time? Why does the appreciation for the same beauty disappear if it remains where it is? Time seems to control so many aspects of my life, I use time decide when to wake up, when to go to sleep, when to use free time, and when to work. Why has time given me all these decisions? Is it because I have finite time, perhaps. Others may seem to have too much time on their hands, because they feel they have nothing to do with their time. Do we fear death because we have finite time, is it because we fear of running out of time. Is time a precious resource? Everyday people sell their time at work places for little or no money compared to how much we value that time. Why isn’t the amount we are paid based on how much we value that time? Perhaps that’s too selfish, perhaps we should consider on how we can improve other’s use of their time?


I think of time as an abstract entity that has no choice, but to continuously and without mercy move in one direction. It never stops, no matter how much you complain, or scream, yet it slows down when you are in a dangerous situation and speeds up when you are enjoying yourself. Is this not cruel of time, to force us to experience the worst of life for longer periods of time, yet shorten our brightest moments? Why would it care to do so if doesn’t care to stop for us. Is time a cruel being who constantly wishes our demise, or is he the wise man who seeks to teach us through suffering and limitation of resources. I constantly “manage” my time in order to “use” it effectively, I do this because I have finite time or as Benjamin Franklin once said “You may delay, but time will not.” If I do not “manage” my time I feel guilt, why should I feel guilt, why do I feel depressed when I do not use time effectively? Perhaps it is because it is not just my time, perhaps I share time with those around me and that is why I must use it effectively. Despite it not just being my time, I must also realize, that most of the time, I have impact on other’s time and whether it is used effectively or not, whether their time is enjoyed or detested. Yet they do as well, its as if we all must make decisions on whether time is used effectively or not. It makes me wonder, if everyone at once used time “effectively”, what would actually happen. I think I will never know.

I apologize for this nearly useless piece of writing, all I have been doing is making assumptions and then questioning myself and those assumptions.


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