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First Reflection

Well, I’ve only been in this course for a week and I guess the least I can say is that I am intrigued and confused.  With a topic so broad I have a difficult time understanding the basic idea of philosophy but I guess I could say I know more now, than I did just one week ago.  So far my understanding of Philosophy would be that this subject touches most aspects of life.  To me it is a whole new way of thinking about what you do from day to day and in the long run of life.  The last thought I have so far is that philosophy is essential to life.  To me, it is important to try and have an understanding of why we are here, what to do with our time here on earth and why we should want to have an understanding of why we are here.  I hope you all find this the least bit insightful and, that if this paragraph confuses you, well, I’m probably just as confused, if not more than you are.


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