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Philosophy Reflection

“Both Teachers and learners go to sleep at their post, as soon as their is no enemy in the field”

Over the past few days I have been able to reflect deeply upon how I view philosophy as a whole, and have come to the conclusion that there is definitely no ONE way to view the subject. There are just too many varying opinions on the unceasing amounts of topics all contained within the rather broad spectrum of the term “Philosophy”. However, along with all those varying opinions comes what could be the most important aspect of the whole practice of Philosophy, the concept of sharing one’s ideas with others so that they can be argued and fought against. No single person could see every minute flaw within their own ideas, because if you have convinced yourself of a truth or statement, then your statement is biased. Holding an idea or belief in such a high regard may be causing you to overlook potential downfalls or flaws of that idea. I believe that opposition is the most important aspect of developing and refining idea’s into their most truthful and impactful state. As noted by the quote above, if one’s idea goes completely unchallenged, the preparation or validity of that idea may become deeply flawed.


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