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Philosophy Reflection

Over the past few days in class we have read and discussed the essays talk with me written by Nigel Warburton and Why not just weigh the fish written by Robert Pasnau. Both of these essays sparked thoughts and ideas that I never thought I would ever create. The principles of the essays are very similar in my opinion. There is two contrasting ideas that are stressed by the opposing ideology.

In the essay Why not just weigh the fish, the idea that science is the superior to philosophy is the focus. To me, science and philosophy were the same for thousand of years until the advance of technology allowed the logical thinkers and the scientists to branch off and prove what the philosophers talked about years and years ago. But in the current day society that we live in, philosophy is the ass end of many insults and jokes that the men and women of science throw their way. At the end of the fourth paragraph it is said that “Why don’t you stop wasting your time and just weigh that fish?” This signifies the difference in the thought process of these people. The philosophers want to know the fishes story, where he came from, what he wanted to do, and where he was going while the scientist just want to know how much he weighs.

This brings me onto the essay Talk with me and how the writer is showcasing both written word and conversational philosophy. In the bottom half of the sixth paragraph it reads, “ A page of writing might seem intelligent, but whatever question you ask of it, it responds in precisely the same way each time you read it.” This truly signifies to me at least that conversation is a great way to further develop and fine tune your ideas by being challenged by your peers and having to be terse and precise when explaining yourself. While the way of written word is perceived as an old reclusive man sitting alone pondering the same thought he has had for the past month and is writing it down in a such a manner that he aims to have someone of the same level of genius to meet up and discuss and refine the thought.

So altogether even the men who go off on their own to sit and write, want someone else to critique their work so it can be the absolute best possible. Which shows that no matter how you chose to get your ideas known, the most important thing is to get your ideas challenged and debate so you know one-hundred percent where you stand on the idea and to make sure that the people who want to hear or read your ideas get the full vision.


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