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Thoughts on Philosophy

Philosophy is quite a unique thing. I woudln’t say there is anything quite like it in the world. What is philosophy? Is it a science? An art? A way of life? I think that answer really depends on who you ask. Many of the great philosophers of the pass (Wittgenstein, Socrates, Boethius) all had there own thoughts on philosophy and I bet they would all have different responses. What do I think is philosophy? I feel like that’s a crazy question to ask. Philosophy is the world, and the fact that I’ve lived on this planet for only 17 years is proof that I don’t know much of the world. But that’s ok. Life is about growing and learning. I took this course so I will be able to understand the world better. I mean yea, it would be great to finally discover the meaning of life and hopefully Mr. Jackson will help me find that out, but that isn’t my intention for being a part of Philosophy 12. I hope that by the end of the semester, I will be a more cultured person and have a better understanding of the world. Maybe by then I’ll be able to have my own definition of philosophy.


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