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Attribution and the Ethic of the Link

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.20.06 PMAs we set out into blogging this term in Philosophy 12, I want to highlight this observation from GNA Garcia on our first batch of posts. For the face-to-face authors’ part, the objective of this first assignment was to tackle the mechanics and navigation of the course site; but I appreciate GNA focusing our efforts as we build on this early success. Such feedback and interaction is what makes our open online participation valuable, as GNA and Stephen Downes have once again shown in this new year by sharing their consistently thought-provoking comments and contributions to the class.

To GNA’s point, citation and attribution of the ideas we use to support our own thinking is indeed how we contextualize, connect, and make sense of ourselves as academics, and as such are integral parts of scholarship. But they are also vital aspects of building knowledge on the web (something Mr. Downes may wish to elaborate on in a comment), something we are similarly involved in here with Philosophy 12, and which we will delve into further in our Epistemology unit.

In the meantime though I would challenge our face-to-face participants to look to the posting of our upcoming “What is Philosophy?” assignments as an opportunity to engage what NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen calls “the ethic of the link.”


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