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High School Students on Philosophy

“Probably bald, old, ugly…Yeah. ”

-Andy Guan on “What do philosophers look like?”

For our “What is Philosophy” project, Alyssa and I decided to make a joint film in addition to our own separate responses. We thought it would be interesting to ask other people what philosophy meant to them. We interviewed a handful of people, both who had been exposed to philosophy, (such in our class) and those who had not.  We compiled our clips into a short documentary called “High School Students on Philosophy“. Please watch and let us know what you think!

Andy Guan, a participant in "High School Students on Philosophy"

Andy Guan, a participant in “High School Students on Philosophy”



2 Responses to High School Students on Philosophy

  1. I’m old, but that’s not my fault. I still have hair and I am not ugly. :)

  2. GNA says:

    Hello #philosophy12 students!

    Dig the video. We you surprised by your peers’ responses? The range was MASSIVE: “I don’t know, care” to “It’s everything.”

    Check out this little dude: https://youtu.be/QCr0AVe_dzo

    Keep questioning, forever.



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