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Snowflakes and Philosophy

When you ask somebody the question “What is Philosophy”, you can get such a wide variety of answers. It’s really neat! I like to use the term “Philosophy is like snow”, because no two philosophers will say the exact same thing about the subject. They may have two similar answers, but it will never be the exact same word for word answer.

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of Philosophy as an example. The dictionary definition states that Philosophy is “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.”  I actually disagree with that statement. Now, you’re probably thinking I’m somewhat crazy for disagreeing with a dictionary definition of something, that’s where you’re wrong. In my opinion, you cannot put a dictionary definition on the word Philosophy. It’s such a broad term that everybody could have a different answer about it.

Would the world be a different place without ever discussing anything Philosophical? No. The “world” wouldn’t be any different. Would we as a human species be any different? Absolutely. I find that Philosophy has helped us advance as a species. I feel as if it could even help with our social evolution. Philosophy helps us in a social manner. When we discuss with one another some philosophical ideas and questions such as “why do we exist?” or “what makes us, us?” We can reach a different level of understanding with a group of people because socially, we can discuss those questions and to our knowledge try and make points that seem to make sense.

I’m probably going to get some hate for this, but I don’t think Philosophy is a science. I think that it is a social science, unlike Chemistry or Biology. With those other sciences comes numbers and “scientific evidence.” with Philosophy, comes ideologies and epistemology. Theories, and educational guesses based on what our point of view on logic is. I do however think that Philosophy can prove some scientific points of view wrong. When we look at Biology, and see how we evolved as a species, we can discuss “how” we’ve evolved. Now, science tells us that we’ve evolved from an ape like species to our now “human” species. Philosophy asks the question, why? Eventually, you can get into some deep thinking and with a group of individuals, get some thoughts and ideas about why we’ve evolved. I like talking with multiple people about philosophical ideas because just like a snowflake, nobodies ideologies or philosophies are the exact same.

A cool little picture that shows “truth” on the periodic table of elements. Discuss about this picture with a group of people and be prepared to be amazed about what you can come up with.



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