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Steel Wool, Smoke Embers, and Thunder

Having to try and find a way to even moderately answer the question “what is philosophy?”  has proven to be quite challenging for me. Instinctually I want to say that it is undefinable, and that there is no way that I could even attempt to put a limitation on something that refuses to be limited. But after pondering it for a many days, I had come to a realization that I wouldn’t be trying to define the undefinable (or at least what is undefinable to me), but I would be simply answering a different question, “what is philosophy to me?”

“Human nature is not black and white, but black and grey.”Graham Greene

For those of you who have a better knowledge of how I like things in my life, you will know I am the type of person who the greylikes to have all of their ducks in a row; I like things to be clean cut and not messy and complicated. This is where I become a bit of a walking contradiction.  I refuse to believe that the world is a place where everything is either black or white; that everything is either simply A or B and clean cut. I am someone who is a firm believer in that there is more than just A or B, black or white. I have a strong belief that there are grey areas. “How does this lead into answering, or attempting to, the question of which this very blog has been based upon?” you might ask yourself. Philosophy to me is the questioning of which we try discover and unfold the mysteries of the grey area, and to try and stop ourselves from cramming the world and all of it wondering into this hole that it refuses to fit into. To discover new ways of thinking and living outside of the ‘black and white’ and to venture into the possibilities of which thinking in the ‘grey’ has to offer.


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