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What is Philosophy??

What is Philosophy?  Is it a way of thinking, or a way of living?  Or is it more than that?  It seems to me philosophy is different for everyone.  We all relate to it differently.  A study of the immeasurable would be a good way to describe it.  But it’s iso much more.  To me it seems that it is something that can’t be defined.  It is different to everyone.  At times it is not understandable whatsoever.  Philosophy is such a broad topic to and reaches all different aspects of life and makes us question all aspects of life.  I often find myself sitting in class trying to get a trip on the conversation and I sit back and laugh and think “is this even real!!” I’ll hear someone say something so interesting and mind boggling that the only thing that comes to my mind is “BOOM…that just happened!”  I’ve come to define the subject of the undefinable!  The study of everything that is, isn’t and in-between.  Maybe my thoughts on philosophy will change in the coming months in this course but at this point my ideas are quite primitive.  But don’t take this negatively, it is quite honestly one of the most intriguing subjects I’ve ever been exposed to.  Right now, the most basic way I see philosophy as a way for humans to try and understand what it means to be human.  Why we do what we do.  Why we want, why we need, why we feel and why we want to know why we want and need to understand humanity.  It keeps us on our toes, and gives us meaning.  I believe it will be a never ending search for for answers on what it means to be human, and in turn it will keep us human to strive for the answers but maybe never get them.  Philosophy to me = MIND BLOWN!!! BOOM


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