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Is Capital Punishment Logical?

Capital punishment; should it be allowed? Over the last week in my law class we have looked over and reviewed the death penalty. Over the past few decades, controversy has shown up debating whether or not it should be permitted as a logical option on how to deal with the nation’s most troubled offenders. As of now capital punishment is illegal in Canada and legal in 32 states in the United States. There are many, many justifications as to why it should be banned (risk of killing an innocent being, costs too high, continues the cycle of violence, etc.), the main argument being that it is just simply not moral. Taking the life of someone who has taken a life is a double negative and only does more harm for the world than good.

We can dissect this reasoning into a simple syllogism:

Premise 1: The act of murdering someone is immoral and wrong

Premise 2: Those who murder others have their lives taken away, or murdered, by the government

Conclusion: Taking away the life of someone who has murdered is immoral and wrong

When we evaluate the syllogism it can be understood in a very simple matter

Premise 1: It’s safe to say that taking the life away from another person s wrong and should never be done. Even though others justify the act of murder as a human instinct, that is honestly just crazy and I’m positive we can all agree on that

Premise 2: In many cases when someone is charged with first or second degree murder they are eligible for capital punishment

Conclusion: So basically if you take away someone’s life you get your life taken away? That honestly just doesn’t make sense. If the government is trying to make a statement and bring awareness to the idea that hurting others is, I feel like they are taking the wrong approach by killing someone. Its honestly just immoral and should not be done.


The premises are true, they lead up to a valid conclusion, so therefore this argument is sound.

This is a very controversial topic. Any one person reading this could disagree with me and say my conclusion is wrong and make me look like an ass. But then again maybe that’s just the beauty of it. This idea and argument makes logical sense to me and I hope I’m able to make sense of it to others. I can safely say that taking the life of someone else, no matter who they are, is wrong. It is immoral and just leads to a cycle of violence, creating another problem in the attempt to stop one.




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