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My Philosophy On Philosophy

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What is philosophy? Well my friends, that’s actually a really difficult question to ask. Why? Because no matter whom you ask, the answer is always going to be different. Everyone has different opinions and thoughts and even though you might have similar views or ideas, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to 100% comply withsomeone else. That’s just the truth.

The reason as to why philosophy is so subjective is because philosophy is our minds. Our own personal ways of thinking are the roots to philosophy. Even though I consider philosophy as a science, I see it as a very unique subject. Philosophy lacks tangible information (like things you’d find in physics, chemistry, or biology). There isn’t any proof on paper. It goes as far as our minds are willing and able to reach to. thinking_man_by_mindux692-d4oqloh

The way I interpret philosophy is when you form thoughts and ideas and the fact that you are able to express and translate them into words so you are able to share them with others. Just the other day I found myself saying “My philosophy is that…” Or ideas and thought process are our philosophies, and they ae based off many things; experiences, memories, points of views, etc.

And there’s also the thought about famous philosophers. Maybe the reason as to why they were so successful and the reason they were able to have such profound thoughts was because they were not normal. For example, Wittgenstein exiled himself from the world, whereas Boethius hallucinated a woman in his cell. It’s fairly apparent that these men were out of the ordinary, but their thought process and points of view have made an excellent addition to history.

Even though this might not make the most sense to some of you, that’s ok. I was never gifted with the ability to translate what I was thinking into words, but I hope I was able to show my insight on philosophy, or rather my philosophy on philosophy.


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