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is the grass greener on the other side?

womens world cup

In June next year, Canada will be hosting the 2015 women’s FIFA world cup tournament. this is a major soccer tournament for professional female soccer players, and you would think that it would be a great thing that Canada is hosting such a big event, right? Unfortunately many of the athletes participating in the 2015 tournament are outrage that they have to play on artificial turf. They claim that artificial turf diminishes performance of the game, and, along with scrapes and bruises, increases the risk of obtaining serious injury. Many professional women players have claimed that they are not being treated equally to men soccer players because the men always play on natural grass for major tournaments. some players have even gone to the lengths to take legal action against CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) and FIFA and filed a application with a human rights tribunal, making claims of gender discrimination. (click for more in depth info)

premise 1:  men have always played the world cup on natural grass surfaces.

premise 2: artificial turf increases serious injuries and diminish quality of play

conclusion: therefore FIFA  and CSA are treating women differently from men

artificial turf

  • premise 1: can be concluded to be true
  • premise 2: it has been proven that 3rd generation artificial turf fields don’t increase the risk for injuries compared to grass fields making the last statement of premise 2 not true. Also the statement in which it claims that artificial turf diminishes quality of play is based on personal preference of each individual player (for example: i personally prefer to play soccer on artificial turf, yet my team mate prefers natural grass). because it is a personal preference it made be true or not true depending on each person. who knows, maybe some men like to play on artificial turf?

Because there is a flaw in premise 2 it harms the conclusion that it has been reached. the form used in the argument is valid, but because there is an error in the content of the second premise it corrupts the truth of the premises and the soundness of the conclusion that FIFA and CSA are treating women different from men.

Even though my dissection of this argument has concluded that the conclusion is not sound, that does not mean I am saying that the women are being treated equal and should stop complaining. Personally, I believe that the female soccer players should have the same opportunity to play on the same surface as the men.

(still haven’t grasped the whole logic and arguments thing, so here is hoping that I did this assignment correctly :P)




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