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Opinion or Logic?

“Virtually every Canadian has some experience, whether it’s a family member or a friend or a loved one, of grappling with these very difficult end-of-life decisions. This is about how people want to be remembered, how they want to say good-bye, how they want to spend their final days. These are decisions that cannot and must not be made by government.” lawyer Grace Pastine

Premise 1: Terminally ill people want to die
Premise 2: Government has control of others lives
Conclusion: Government has control of people’s lives, determining whether they can die or not.

Premise 1: Some people who have terminal illness want to stop suffering. They want to end the pain before it gets any worse.
Premise 2: The government has frowned upon having living people, put to death even if they ask for it. “The B.C. woman, suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), sought to end her own life, famously asking: “Whose body is this? Who owns my life?”.
Conclusion: The government has control of how and when you die. They ultimately chose whether you live or not.

I personally do not believe in this argument,someone who is in so much pain and wants to die, will find away either illegally or accepted by the government. Others may see it as something else. It’s not that they are wrong, in their eyes they think what they perceive is right. I on the other hand believe that, if someone is in a right state of mind, and they know the illness is terminal they should be able to chose what to do with their own body. Personal opinion aside, this argument is sound. I chose this argument because of its basis as a very controversial topic.Logic is not only based on facts and if the argument is sound, it can also be based on opinions.


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