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Some People

During a trip across the line i got into an argument with a guy about Canada. This is what i thought he was thinking.


Premise 1:  Canadians live in the cold
Premise 2: Polar bears live in the cold
Conclusion 3:  All Candians live with polar bears


3 Responses to Some People

  1. Jayden says:

    This conclusion could be misconstrued because of the subjective use of the word “with”. “with” could mean in the same country, in the same province,in the same area, or in the same house, etc. perhaps you should be more specific, in order for this argument to be more sound.

  2. mikayla24 says:

    i agree with jayden, also do you have any more background on the aurguemnt? and how does this apply to our lives? maybe we could have some more info to be able to connect to.

  3. mikayla24 says:

    and of course i spelt argument wrong….


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