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Eagles or A Long walk

(Spoilers ahead)

An idea spawned off the ending of the “Lord Of The Rings: Return of The King” written by J.R.R. Tolkien when Gandalf called upon the Great Eagles that swooped in to save the fellowship from their molten demise. The argument that has been placed upon the Lotr fandom, why couldn’t the Great Eagles have taken Frodo to Mt. Doom to save th fellowship from the Long journey, allowing Frodo the chance to not be Consumed by the power the ring has to offer.

“The eagles are arrogant. Their pride would keep them from simply delivering people into Mordor like a taxi. Furthermore, Gwaihir (the Eagle lord**) is a Maia spirit (the same rank of Valar as Gandalf) and hence, after the fall of Morgoth, is bound by Valar law to not deceive fellow Valar; and hence would have had to tell Gwaihir that he has the one ring – there is nothing stopping the other eagles from just stealing the ring for their selves and coveting it at their eerie.”

Premise 1: The great Eagles are too proud to serve the fellowship as a taxi
Premise 2: Gwaihir is a Maia spirit because of Gandalf
Premise 3: By Valar law, Gandalf would have to tell the great eagle that he is in possession of the ring.
Conclusion : Gandalf didn’t call upon the Eagles because he’d have to tell the Eagles about the ring and gandalf believed they might take the ring for their own power.


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