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Become a feminist for the low, low price of zero dollars!

So, after we completed our presentation in class today, I couldn’t help feeling like I’d missed something in our point of view, and in going back into that wild jungle that we call the internet, I found that I had.

**Just as a sidenote, before we get started, feminism is the desire for the equality between genders (not, you know, women being better than men)**

The concept of “strong objectivity” is one that we probably should have discussed in class, but I didn’t do nearly enough research, so here it is now. Strong objectivity is the concept that many different studies and phenomena in science and philosophy are weak, due to the fact that they are not biased towards a feminist point of view.

Before you start yelling about how unfair that may be, read on fellow philosophers.

Strong objectivity comes from the idea that many different concepts in science and philosophy stem from men, and it argues that we need to begin to stem ideas from women and other minorities. We’ve discussed this in class, how philosophy sort of seems like a bunch of old white dudes postulating wildly.Unto itself, strong objectivity wants epistemology to begin with a woman’s viewpoint, rather than a man’s. This has to do with standpoint feminism, which discusses the theory that oppressed people have a different, if not better, viewpoint than those in the majority.

[Sandra Harding, who coined standpoint theory] argued that it is easy for those at the top of social hierarchies to lose sight of real human relations and the true nature of social reality and thus miss critical questions about the social and natural world in their academic pursuits. In contrast, people at the bottom of social hierarchies have a unique standpoint that is a better starting point for scholarship.

Elizabeth Borland, from the Encyclopedia Britannica Online article

I believe we’re going to discuss objectivity more in class on Monday, but I think that in the case of feminism, it will always be subjective when it comes to science, and vice versa until the genders are equal.

Here‘s the link to Alyssa, Nadine, and my prezi, which expands more on women in science!!!

(you may now continue yelling about unfairness)


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