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Contradicted while connected

Majority of the population would normally consider each object or “Being” as what they simply are instead of relate them into their opposite side of “Being”. That’s why “YinYang” has been so intriguingly compelling over the centuries. The base of Taoism or even traditional Chinese culture is the “YinYang” theory which is quite differed from most of Western studies. Rather than simply interpret “what is there?” YinYang intended to be more extensive into the connection between “whats”.


If all men in the world know what is fair,then it is unfair.If all men know what is good,then it is not good-<Tao-te Ching> (classic of the way of power) Second chapter.

A more detailed explanation could be there’s no “extreme” in the world(universe) we live in. For all the “Beings” we acknowledged, they are just characterized to a certain degree but not extreme in certain end. Clear example: why there is fair while unfair exist? Cops and robbers? Each of those existence is relevant to another “Being”, the opposite one (ones). A most obvious example can be man verses women, day and light and so on. The formation of these pairs can be truly defined while all of them truly exist otherwise everything will be meaningless. (Why do we need police if there’s no crime?). This simply demonstrated the connection between the two as well as their contradiction, like the yinyang diagram yang and yin together formed the “universe”. Meanwhile, they’re intuitively separated by a slight curve which represents the bond and power that joint them.


Not only the objective character are shown but also the external meaning of the diagram should be emphasized as well. Everything in life exist in a circulation over yin and yang, passive to active and vice versa. “Being” existence follows the rule of mother nature, from weak to strong then weak then continue whatever stage next. This is the essence of life: everything is changing and stay solid (Changing is solid).This is the YinYang theory that I researched as a part of “Being” study.

Here is a web link that could be helpful: http://www.sacredlotus.com/theory/yinyang.cfm

There’s another video as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezmR9Attpyc



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