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Are we really free?

We are humans. As humans we are capable of so much. If you were to word it in this way, you could say we are free to do anything, and everything we want. The sky is the limit right? I don’t necessarily agree. Because if you actually think about it, we really aren’t free. There are so many limitations and constrictions that comes along with being a human. Having the freedom to do whatever we desire just isn’t something we hold. And maybe that’s okay.

First lets just think of the basics. Ever since we took our first breaths we’ve been told what we should de; Be polite, chew with your mouth closed, go to school, brush your teeth. Those are the boundaries given to us by living in this world, and it really does makes sense. There are also the order given to us by society; drive on the right side of the road, follow the laws, don’t kill others. These are things that make sense, but because they are statements that are meant to be followed, they take away our freedom to do what we wish. I mean yea, I could go drive in the middle of the road and crash into a countless number of cars, but that would be illegal. And the fact that it is illegal takes away my freedoms. I mean if you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense, but in a way it does. These are the boundaries set to keep the world intact, and that’s honestly fine with me and I’m pretty sure the majority of the world can agree with that.

In addition I feel like we should take a glance at our own personal reasons that m-300x199could restrict us from being free. Maybe its the fact that you’re self conscious so you feel like fully expressing yourself will make you a target for ridicule. Or maybe you have a secret that you’ve never shared with another human being that constantly hinders your decision making skills. Or maybe you’ve just gone through such as traumatic experience that any choice you make just seems wrong and out of place. Whatever is may be, we all have baggage that hold us back from being truly free. It’s a difficult concept to fully grasp. We have all the tools in the world, so why don’t we use them?

In relation to metaphysics, I feel like I’ve been able to see things more grey rather then just black and white. The underlying question behind every actions is “Can we do it?” And honestly, the answer is sometimes no. Or at least it should be no. But that’s not always a bad thing.


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