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God Gave You a Third Eye for a Reason

This isn’t the way things are, this is the way things look.

I say God ironically because I believe that we (todo) are God and we have created our third eye (consciousness) so that we may perceive that we are God and that we have created consciousness. So on and so fourth.

Initially I wanted to explain how the human mind is a filter, a valve to the reality of consciousness. How we’re peeping through a keyhole and seeing only a small part, and some of the ways to go through the key hole, open the valve, remove the filter, or kill the conductor so all the orchestra’s instruments may perform on their own.

Then I thought to myself, what is the best way to explain this (without bringing in 30 cups of Ayahuasca and saying “alright, bottoms up”). It’s hard to understand how to expand your consciousness without first knowing what layers of consciousness we are (have). I’m going to try to outline those for you.

Technically there are 12 dimensions. Technically there are infinite. No one needs to know that really. Let’s look at seven. (Also lets look at them using words applicable to consciousness rather than space-time-gravity etc.)

The 1st Dimension: Is the building block of everything (while simultaneously it encases everything). This itself is consciousness. This is also where we experience reality.yinyang

The 2nd Dimension: This is where there becomes differentiation. Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness (to relate it to other posts I saw), Beauty and Ugly, Joy and Melancholy. This is where we enter the realm of subconsciousness. This is also where we interpret reality.LFMlGEp8

The 3rd Dimension: This is where it is possible to perceive past-present-future. This is the realm of the unconscious. The trifecta of conscious-subconscious-unconscious creates the self or one’s identity. Here events become reality. The Illuminati symbol is simply a representation of us looking into these 3 points of reality.

The 4th Dimension: Here many versions of reality may exist. This is the realm of possibility. The possibility for many realities in the fourth dimension is the key to rebirth. Many lifetimes may be lived in the third dimension’s past-present-future by the fourth dimension’s allowance of possibility and the existence of the fifth dimension’s spirit. A small example of breaking through to the fourth dimension would be when a small amount of DMT is released in your brain when you sleep, aiding dreams. Dreams where anything is possible. A larger example would be smoking DMT (N, D-Dimethyltryptamine) and breaking through for a 15 minute eye-opening journey in the timeless fifth dimension.220px-Pentacle_2.svg

The 5th Dimension: The process and large release of DMT during death allows you to leave linear time and break into the fifth dimension, the Spirit World. The place where souls await rebirth. This is the dimension of choice. This is where your spirit chooses to enter the fourth dimension of time and arrange itself how it likes in the other three dimensions. Nothing is created, nor destroyed, it only ever changes form. Quasars feed Black Holes feed Quasars feed Black Holes. So on and so fourth. This is a place of powerful choice and choice is what manifests here. The pentagram represents the fifth dimension of consciousness: the Spirit World.

Here I may loose a few of you. Lol who am I kidding i never had you to begin with

The 6th Dimension: The Creator. This is the version of you – your consciousness that is – that produces thought. The creator’s thought produces reality. Thought constitutes reality in the sixth dimension.

The 7th Dimension: The Many Creators. This is the place from which stems desire. Desire manifests reality. This is where we as a collective create by desire.

Great! What does this have to do with me?

Desire combines with Thought combines with Choice combines with Possibility to manifest Events that we Interpret and ultimately Experience.

Ultimately what we Experience is our own Interpretation of Events which occurred because it was Possible because it was Chosen from Thought which stemmed from Desire.

I’m not going to try and conclude this because it is totally un-sum-up-able. My original notes are attached below for you to interpret how you will (blue scan button). If you’re at all interested please come and talk to me, I will tell my personal belief on the future human evolution, the valve of consciousness, and entering the fourth and fifth dimensions. If you managed to make it to the end thank you for your endurance. 🙂



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