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Leaving the Cave

As human beings is it our obligation to “retrieve men from plato’s cave”? Or is it ultimately up to each individual to decide whether they want to stay in the illusion they call “life” or venture out into a new perspective on the world?

Until recently I never really thought about it. Throughout history, people that have reached a new level of understanding have always pulled people out of the deep abyss we call ignorance. For example, Isaac Newton, Galileo and all these others scientists have come up with conclusions about the universe that seemed illogical and Ludacris to society. These men were “crazy” and “insane” for coming up with such theories, yet nowadays their revelations have sparked entirely new ways of looking at the universe.

As we speak there are several human beings that have entered a higher state of mind, which inevitably means they see the world in a way we cannot imagine. Yet when they try to explain their findings to us, we react in disbelief. This process is an un ending cycle of knowledge. A process society forces us to catch up and keep up with. A very simple example is school. Up until grade eleven, it has been illegal for us not to go to school. The mere idea of “staying in plato’s cave” by not going to school is impossible for us.

This leaves me with the question do we really have free will? Because at the end of the day, our world is a CD player that keeps replaying itself. Although our small actions are our own, the end product is almost always going to be the same; we are going to get pulled out of “the cave” regardless if we want to or not.



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