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Does the world exist outside of the mind?


This question has been running through my mind for a considerable part of my life. I have had questions as to whether what I see is really there or if it is just a figment of my imagination. 

Naturally, the first place I looked for an answer to my question was google. The first link that popped up was a Wikipedia link to solipsism. I quickly discovered that solipsism is the idea that the only thing that is sure to exist is one’s mind.

Solipsism suggests that anything outside one’s own mind is uncertain and that the external world and other minds can’t be known or might not even exist outside the mind.


We are not able to perceive anyone else’s feelings and experiences, therefore, how do we really know if they exist?

How is it possible that my mind has created all of this?

If i am creating the world I live in, then why isn’t my world perfect?

These questions are some that I came across when thinking about solipsism.

To conclude, I don’t feel that there is any real purpose behind trying to explain whether or not what we see is real, however, it is an interesting topic to ponder. At the end of the day, what we see cannot be changed and our inability to change what we see cannot be changed or questioned either.  


One Response to Solipsism

  1. Vincent says:

    Good questions, I especially liked the question concerning perfection, “If I am creating the world I live in, then why isn’t my world perfect?” The problem with tackling this question, is that most answers are contradictory, e.g. because my body is imperfect it therefore perceives the world imperfectly. The problem being that my body is part of my world, so it really seems like an endless loop or endless array much like many things in philosophy are. However I would argue against the idea that the ability to interpret our outside reality without altering it would not change our reality. For example, a similar concept has been used to create primitive teleportation, only with very tiny particles of course, but regardless, it may result in many new technologies and change our perception of the world.


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