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The Decisions We Make…

What is free will? According to Wikipedia it is the ability of agents to make choices unimpeded by certain factors. I would say that free will is free and independent choice; the ability to make voluntary decisions. But what does it matter if free will may or may not exist? are our lives predetermined by other forces or do have the ability to exercise free will? tthese questions and topics are discussed by philosophers like Harry Frankfurt, Alfred Mele, and Galen Strawson.



free will



To try and keep this post short and sweet, I’ll briefly broach some of the main philosophical positions related to free will. Libertarianism argues that free will is logicically incompatible with a deterministic universe and people have the ability to exercise free will, therefore determinism  is false. Determinism is a philosophical position that for every event there are conditions that already exist that could cause no other event. (basically libertarianism and determinism is free will vs. predetermination). The last philosophical position I will be talking about is compatibilism. Compatibilism is the belief that free will and determinism are ideas that can work together, and that it is possible to believe both while being logically consistent.  Obviously this barely even scrapes the the top layer of free will and metaphysics, but I this is what I would like to pursue through our philosophy course while covering metaphysics.


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