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The truth on truth

The facts that we know of as true at this moment, aren’t they just ideas that people have come up with that just happen to be “correct” in their sense? Can “correctness” or “truthever be reached if there are always new ideas or metaphors that are trying to disprove our truth? For example, the earth was thought to be flat until it was discovered that it is actually round.

So, if all facts are only true until they are disproved, can anything really be true? Or are they just temporary hypothesis that humans theories to help them makes sense of the world they live in.

During our class discussion, we debated whether or not science can be objective. To me, science can never be truly objective because our past experiences influence our decisions. For example, we know that water is wet, so someone who touches water will become wet. Our knowledge on the wetness of water thus influences our conclusion.

We say that science is our way to discover the truth; but if science can never actually be objective, then real truth does not exist. 


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