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Consciousness and Connectivity

Explaining the nature of consciousness is one of the most important and perplexing areas of philosophy, but the concept is notoriously ambiguous.

Rocco J. Gennaro

When you ask yourself “what is consciousness” what can you think of? I’m assuming that you can think of many things that you can associate with consciousness. Just as the quote stated above, “The concept is notoriously ambiguous.” As I researched the topic “Consciousness” I came across many different articles ranging from Quantum Physics, to conspiracy theories.

I’m going to start this off by mentioning what we discussed in class earlier today about how trees could apparently communicate with other trees and send “signals” to warn other trees about danger. I immediately began researching the topic as I felt very anxious to do so. I later came across many articles that stated that trees could in fact send signals to one another. Could that be because they are on a whole other level of consciousness as a species? Were they made that way? It’s hard to tell because we haven’t experienced it. That’s where you could be wrong. I’m not going to say that we can communicate telepathically, but I am saying that we are connected in some weird sub-conscious way.

Bringing back the whole idea about how we could be connected in some weird way. Is it true? Well, I have no clue. We have no hard evidence (yet) that we are connected in a conscious or sub-conscious way. We can, however ponder the thought about how we are or not. As I wandered even deeper into the vast internet, I came across some ideas that explained how we are evolving at this moment, consciously of course. It’s just an idea and I don’t think we understand just yet how to explain it but I’ll try my best.

When a ball comes flying at your face, you would normally try and avoid it by dodging or doing whatever it takes for the ball not to hit your face, right? What if when you high five your friend without using any sort of communication before hand. How did they know when to high five you? How did you know to dodge that flying ball? Simple. You didn’t. You didn’t have enough time to think about how or what, your body just went off by instinct. Hopefully that explanation didn’t leave you guys scratching your heads. What I’m trying to say here is that I feel as if we are all connected in some weird conscious or sub-conscious level. What if we are evolving? It’s truly a great assumption, but it leaves you wondering doesn’t it?

Here’s another thing I suspect that will happen in 100 years: imagine a device that can scan your brain in enough molecular detail to simulate or recreate that data in artificial hardware.


As we progress further through science, we learn more about the world, and therefore we are expanding our consciousness so that we can understand these new things that are becoming a part of our lives. Maybe we will have little devices that can scan our minds in 100 years. Maybe not. It is plausible, however.

Now, I hope I didn’t leave any of you too confused. Come back to this post in a few hundred years. Would you be able to understand it then?




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