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What is a personality? Do personalities exist? Or are they created by a person to appear different from others when really, everyone acts the same. Throughout my research of this interesting subject, I found a few interesting notes; one being, what is a personality, the second being why personality is important in society.

I’ve been curious about how personalities come about and how they define a person; whether they be sassy, rude, or too kind, these are traits in a beings personality. According to Wikipedia, the word “personality” is a noun that states “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.” I fond this interesting because I know a few people who’s personalities change depending on who is around. Like my good friend Andrew has told me, “Joel, I love the fact that you’re so honest. I think this is one of the better traits to your personality.” This made me think; what “traits” make up my “personality” and this has left me with a thought; who am I? What am I? Am I a human or an Alien? I don’t know and I sure as hell know that you don’t know either. So back to the topic of this, what is a personality. From what I have gathered a personality is what makes up a individual. So this goes deeper than the clothes you wear and the type of phone you use. A personality has to be consistent; a person will act very similar to their norm in variety of situations. Personality will also affect the way a person will respond and react to their environment, making a person act a certain way all the time. (Relates back to consistency) and a personality is also expressed through ones writing, thought and the way the interact with people. So to sum up this section, a personality is a device created by a person to give themselves a definition, to no longer be entrenched in the basic human ideologies that have been around for centuries, or to be unique to what they believe.

The second question is, why personality is important in society. We have always lived in a society where people have wanted to fit in, but also stand out. A Roman proverb, widely used is “It is better to live one day as a lion, than one thousand days as a lamb” which helps prove my point of how personality is important to society. Personality is something that is important because of others perception of you. Usually people tend to become friends or develop relationships with people who share similar personality traits. This is common and not normally picked up on with the majority of people. Think about this; who is your best friend? What are they like? Is he/she similar to you personality wise? So how is this explain how personalities are important in society? I’ll tell you know. So when you see someone of political importance for example, this person usually is assertive, charismatic and dependable, all these traits people like. The more like-able a person is, is usually due to their personality. This helps people progress in their work, socially to make more friends etc.

In summary, personalities are the essence of a being, a persons identity, something that cannot be changed. A person is known for what they represent. Personalities enable a more relatable way to interact and shows a persons true colours.


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