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Does Buddah know if the exterior world exists?

I’ve always wondered what it is that make me who I am. I could never conclude whether it’s all been pre determined, or if I am a product of the environment I live in. Althougth I am not religious, I’ve been curious if any religions teach their followers about the self, conciousness, and perception. Turns out Buddhism definitely does that! Buddah calls the things that make us unique our five skahndas. Which include form, sensation, perception, mental formations, and conciousness. It is believed in Buddhism that consciousness is foundation that the other skahndas lay upon. Some skahndas can lack in performance but still allow a person to be considered existing. With lack of consciousness people are arguably determined to no longer exist.

So if these skahndas create the self, and consciousness creates existence. We can only perceive the exterior world through the bias that is everyththing we know. Not everthing we don’t.


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