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The Pursuite of Hardship

Throughout our lives we constantly make decisions through argument. We determine the soul pupose or idea and try our best to reach that goal on equal ground. When conflicts with people occur, the scale measures happiness. We hope to spread happiness equally to each person involved. Is that right? Should happiness be our absolute goal in life?

If you ask a person what their most memorable /life changing experiences were recently, they will possibly share some sweet story, as well as some real traumatic stuff. Things that can’t be forgotten or undone. Yet they might agree that they would have done anything at the time to stop the said experience from happening. Those kinds of experiences force us to learn by overcoming obstacles and ourselves to become better happier people.

It seems we get convinced that being happy and having fun will make us better people, but maybe being the best people we can be will make us happier.


One Response to The Pursuite of Hardship

  1. parkercopeland says:

    If you looked from an evolution perspective, negative emotions drive us. I’ll use the example of fear. We’ve always used fear as one of our most significant learning tools. I touched the stove, it was hot, I’m afraid to touch the stove. I think we could go through all of our negative emotions and experiences and find a silver lining or a purpose. Christians would argue that bad things happen for a reason; God allows these things to happen for us because he has a plan. This theory is easy to argue against, but I think it would be an interesting and worthwhile discussion to be had. :)


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