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Stop Posting About Religion, Oh My God

My dad and I love to park our derrières on the couch and watch Celebrity Apprentice when it airs. While watching the 2012 season, we both had a mutual feeling of like for a contestant who was a Vegas magician/comedian named Penn Jillette.

A sort-of-actual transcription of my dad and I in Barnes & Noble this past summer

Me: Dad!…hey dad, check this out. It’s on sale.

(leads him to a book)

Me: That’s Penn from Celebrity Apprentice!

Dad: Oh my god, that looks funny. (puts it in his book stack, for which he promptly pays)

I read the book cover-to-cover this weekend in philosophical spirit, but amidst the usually gratuitous NSFW, I never expected the words of a loudmouth funnyman to be so impactful. This video gives a nice overview of his outlined beliefs in God, No!. Bonus for all of you auditory learners: this is a perfect way for you to digest my topic (if you can’t stand reading “all that text”). Some of you may recall that I quoted from Jillette’s book in my last post.

If you’re into this topic (ex. Jayden, Parker, Devin, Kevin, Joel^2), watch up until the end of the video and I’d like you guys to let me know, in the comments, what you guys agree and disagree with. Penn Jillette is a very controversial figure. For the sake of staying on topic here, I’ll discuss questionable aspects of his ideologies in the comment section.

Jillette is not, by any means, a professional philosopher, but I chose to illuminate his point of view because he is more relatable to our student group. For one, he is in the media/entertainment industry, and teens are heavily influenced by media messages. Secondly, he speaks in a style more easily comprehended by young ears.

Hope you get something out of this listen!


One Response to Stop Posting About Religion, Oh My God

  1. parkercopeland says:

    Awesome interview! Thanks for sharing. He said a lot of things I can strongly relate to, especially in my political beliefs, but also coming from a media perspective of things.


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