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The Actual Being

“And indeed the question which was raised of old is raised now and always, and is always the subject of doubt, viz., what being is, is just the question, what is substance? For it is this that some assert to be one, others more than one, and that some assert to be limited in number, others unlimited. And so we also must consider chiefly and primarily and almost exclusively what that is which is in this sense.”-Aristotle

By introducing YInYang perspective of being, the research of defining actual being became a little challenging since it is perennial. The research of Mr Martin Heidegger well resolved this puzzle.



In the course of over 2,000 years of history, philosophy has attended to all the beings that can be found in the world (including the world itself), but has forgotten to ask what Being itself is.


Based on the interview of Mr T.Honderich, we’ve learned that the process of defining “actual” inevitably direct to three categories of “Consciousness” which include perception, cognition and effect. what was intimidating was actually the perceptual consciousness. Clear example, perceptual consciousness is being aware the room we’re live in however, the being itself was never challenged based on Heidegger’s quote.

For instance, when a hammer is efficiently used to knock in nails we cease to be aware of it。


As Heidegger defined, the action or the term is called “ready to hand”, and it’s more of a authentic mode, saying the

given (‘past’) has presence in an oversimplified way when reduced to possible future usefulness to us.

In class Kevin’s first presentation, the idea he expressed about the acknowledgement towards the world was that it seems there’s only him but not others were in the “world”. It recognized the actual being, the existence of the objective physical world. On the other hand, the being itself was not mentioned at a significant level. Nevertheless


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