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Uncertainty About Uncertainty: Quantum Mechanics

Recently we had a lifeboat survival activity and one of my class mates was given the job of quantum physicist youtube star, so I decided to take a dive into quantum physics and get an idea of what actually goes on in this probability, statistic oriented science.

\Delta x\cdot\Delta p_x \geqslant \frac{\hbar}{2}

This equation, most commonly known as Hiesenberg’s Uncertainty Principle describes that as a particle/wave is given less area to travel within, its direction becomes more unpredictable. This can cause particles at the sub-atomic level to do really weird things that don’t seem to apply to our current laws of physics at the atomic scale. Such as being anywhere within an atom until they are located, its as if they are everywhere, and then when you look for them, they stay in one place. Quantum entanglement is just another example of the crazy weirdness that envelops the subatomic level. When two particles are entangled, and then separated (while retaining the information) by a distance light years apart, one can measure the rotation of one of those particles, and the other will always have the opposite rotation. Its as if the particles can communicate with each other instantaneously across massive distances. This same principle applies to two particles that are again entangled, however with the right technique, one can teleport one subatomic to another location instantaneously.



Essentially, the particle you want to teleport is destroyed, and the particle on the other side of the world becomes an exact copy of the original. We have no idea why quantum entanglement works, but we do know that it works. Tests show a near hundred percent accuracy, but the physics behind the mechanisms that make quantum entanglement work are unknown. Basically were like cave people playing with fire, completely unaware of its mechanisms yet somewhat aware of its utility.



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