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Video Replay in Soccer

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting event the world has ever known. Regardless of its prestige, FIFA has one of the least advanced review systems in the athletic world. As a result, the world cup is notorious for controversial calls that usually infuriate entire nations at a time. It is very common for a team to get knocked out of the tournament due to a miss call from a referee and his three linesmen.  When asked about reviewing calls, Sepp Blatter (President of FIFA) responded by saying “If we were to permit video replay it would lead to a flood of commercials that would essentially destroy the game,”

Premise one: Video replay will cause the game to stop often

Premise two: Commercials are utilized frequently when the game is stagnant.

Premise three: Commercials are bad.

Conclusion: Video replays will cause soccer to have many commercial breaks and will essentially ruin the of the sport.

Over view

Premise one is factually correct due to examples in other sports such as hockey. Whenever the game stops due to a call or a review, the game is paused for up to thirty seconds at a time. It is very likely that the same thing would happen in soccer.

Premise two is also correct, but it can change depending on the contracts FIFA makes with all the companies. Depending on the protocols FIFA must follow, the premise could be considered correct.

Premise three is not valid because there are commercials in soccer, but only at half time. So technically this premise is incorrect.

The entire argument is not sound due to a flaw in premise three. I think what Sepp Blatter has the idea that by implementing reviews, there would be too many commercials for his liking; making this topic very subjective because it is only his opinion and  a majority of soccer fans do not agree with Sepp Blatter’s views. Ultimately, this topic is very controversial and as a soccer fan myself, I don’t agree with Sepp at all. Since soccer is the largest sport in the world, I believe it should have the best review system also.


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