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Very delayed metaphysics post.
Lets say I was pondering out in the woods for the last couple of weeks instead of procrastinating.

My idea on Metaphysics was perception. How people see things differently because of what they were taught. Its not that the other person is wrong, its just how one perceives things differently. No perspective idea can be solidified to be true or untrue. So what is real then? (Stay tuned, next blog post).

For that person, what they see is real as far as they know and will ever know. Knowledge is a factor here. We know how to breathe. We know that we need to eat to sustain ourselves. We know that our perception is the only one that is right…?
Personally I think not. (Ironic)
Perspectives such as religion has cost lives. They fight on what they believe and demean everyone else’s as untrue. I recently had a conversation with some friends of other religions as I. We discussed on what “God” is and the main topic of our conversation was “Why does God let horrible things happen to people”. One believed that it was test, to see how we would respond to such things. Another believed that after something bad happened, he will reward you with something good. Their perceptions on the same person are different. But neither of them can truly say -with facts- that the other is wrong.

Other people just want to know what is right and what is wrong. Something as simple as this, just to show that they are superior to others. Perspective is a big game of “because” “because why”, trying to prove why your statement is superior. Well metaphysics ask “does a supreme being exist” Probably not in this case considering your only solid fact is yourself and how you perceive things. If one truly believes that the sky is blue, they are not going to believe another whom says the sky is red just because they told them.

There is really no way to prove your “because” statement. It is how you perceive things. So to explain your thoughts and ideas to someone who is open minded may work, but to the one who believes the sky is blue; It wont.


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