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Open Up Your Mind

Knowledge is the information acquired by opening up our minds to new and unfamiliar ideas.

  • If we as humans live life in an approachable manner with open minds and the willingness to understand new things
  • As well as be accepting of change and understand that sometimes our own previous beliefs aren’t always what they appear to be
  • Then we will be able to acquire knowledge

Life is a mystery. For everything you know, there are about 758497 things you don’t know. Thats just how it is. As you go through life and discover new things, you take in knowledge. Knowledge aids in the development of humans. As we learn new things and better our understanding of how the world is, we grow. It’s what we need to survive. To me, knowledge is a verb rather than a noun. It’s learning, understanding, taking in, discovering,  furthering. But, the only way we can accomplish any of this is if we allow ourselves to. Allowing yourself to understand new things is what’s going to allow you to learn.chair

“You assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in” -Isaac Asimov

Socrates and Plato both believed that our senses are not to be trusted. They advocated that the senses are merely just a distraction for humans which confuses us and limits our knowledge intake. Plato was known for his idea of the chair: If you keep looking at the four legs of a chair, it will not allow you to understand truly just what a chair is. I believe that this strongly influences my idea. If you go through life with certain beliefs, outlooks, and ideas (holding on and believing in your senses), and not allow yourself to see anything other than what you know, then you ultimately will never be able to learn. If you believe that every four legged object is a chair, you might accidentally sit on your dog thinking its a place to rest your rear end.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein

The whole idea of opening your mind goes hand in hand with change. Human development is dependant on our abilities to change. If you looked at the world 200 years ago, you would be astounded at just how much the word has in fact changed. In order to learn, humans have to accept that sometimes, what we know is not what it appears to be. Changing our opinions and views goes along with learning about new things. For example, someone who believes that the sun revolves around the earth is simply incorrect. Because of their discovery, they find out that not only the earth, but seven other planets revolves around the sun, and that earth isn’t the closest planet to the flaming ball. Wow! This person just learned about the solar system! Awesome! All due to the idea of “Hey, maybe my thought process isn’t necessarily correct, and everything I imagined to be true simply isn’t. Am i willing to change what I believe in order to learn new things? You bet I am!”

From my own personal experience, I’ve come to the simple conclusion that if you live life with an open mind, you learn more things. You may not even realize it, but having an open mind and willingness to learn new things breaks down barriers you didnt even know were restricting you, and ultimately, you become a better version of yourself. Having this mindset allows me to me to meet interesting people and live through interesting experiences. I’m able to live a happier life because I find I’m not so fixated on little things that don’t make sense. And best of all, I feel I’m more knowledgable. We can all learn new things if we allow ourselves to.


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  1. taraclarke says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post! Plato’s example of the chair was particularly effective in my understanding of your ideas because it introduced me to the idea that you cannot ever fully understand something if you only focus on one aspect. Something I would try to do next time is refine your syllogism. It might make it easier for you to expand your ideas if it is simpler. :)


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