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Knowledge is Survival

If knowledge is the accumulation and collection of information
and the information helps aid to the survival of living beings
then knowledge is the basis of basic survival

Knowledge is the accumulation of information that a living entity has learnt over time that aids to it’s survival. The basic survival of a being is based on the knowledge they possess. In platonism, it is believed that a person is born with all the information they are capable of being able to possess and the goal of their life is to remember or recall this information through new experiences and learning. It is also thought that a soul has lived before the creation of the body that is trapped inside, having all the knowledge in its possession and losing it once trapped inside the body.

In this cruel, mundane world we as humans call home, basic knowledge is not accessible throughout. In a plethora of countries, there is no internet connection, mass history rewrites (Afghanistan for example) from sadistic rulers who only want absolute power and control over their people, hindering their access to information that would be useful to millions. The knowledge that these people are able to gain is a lot less than that of people in societies where freedoms are abundant and there is virtually no restrictions.
My idea that knowledge is the essence of survival came from a thought while hiking with a friend; the thought was of that if we were to get lost, how would we know what to do? I came to the answer that because we were taught basic survival needs in Scouts when we were younger that we would be fine. Which sparked another thought, what if we weren’t taught how to live off the land, what then. That made me realize in the world we live in today basic ways of life that were around no more than a few hundred years ago aren’t taught to many people in a society based solely on the advancements of technology. Which could lead to a lower chance of survival for a lot of people.

When man first started to roam the Earth, there were few needs; food, water, and shelter. Life was simple and man was able to survive in a world where he was the prey to many predators. But, the “animal instinct” or the knowledge that the early man possessed was enough to survive. But where did he learn what he knew? What he knew was an accumulation of information discovered and taught by others; information that was passed around until it was a common understanding. Even though the early man didn’t know too much, the basic knowledge that he possessed allowed life to continue and survival was attainable.

With accumulated knowledge, it usual is the information that is stored to help benefit you even if you aren’t too sure where or how you acquired it. This information usually is the basic knowledge that is rooted into your memory to make sure you stay alive, this is how I view it.


One Response to Knowledge is Survival

  1. ryanmilligan says:

    Does knowing how to paint aid in our survival? Does knowing how to play video games? Does knowing the plot of Lord of the flies? Does knowing the name of the parent of a minor character in Game of thrones help keep us from dying? And if it doesn’t then does that mean that those things aren’t knowledge?


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