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Defining Aesthetics

Photo courtesy of nitrok-d747vvj on Deviantart

By Angela and Kimberly

Aesthetics revolves around stimuli that provoke emotional responses from organisms. Its source is the biological mechanism in an organism that responds to stimuli, while the object is something that provokes the stimulation. An example of an object could be anything that someone finds beautiful; a piece of art, a piece of music, scenery, emotions, etcetera. Humans perceive certain stimuli as pleasing because every behavior has a biological basis. This perception is highly subjective, and varies from person to person. This can be proven using an example; for example one person may find a painting very beautiful, while another may find it extremely hideous. This sense of aesthetics depends highly on culture and nurture.

“Aesthetics … is the study of all activity from the perspective that we are orienting ourselves to have certain perceptions (experiences)”. -Colin Leath, The Aesthetic Experience


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