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Intellectual Knowledge? Or Physical?

Intellectual knowledge is gaining knowledge rationally rather than emotional. Emotional aspect is second to the written word and the generic meaning of it.

Physical knowledge resides within the objects themselves and can be discovered by exploring objects and noticing their qualities.

Then our understanding of the world is the synthesis of the two, not one or the other.

An example of this are these two friends (See link) (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2488412/Best-friends-born-arm-finally-meet-person-years-talking-Skype.html)

They knew each other solely on Skype and online. Yet they described the other person as their best friend. They know each other more than their everyday friends because their only sense of understanding each other is verbally, not as much emotion was there because of the distance from one another. Although their knowledge of each other, is strengthened because of the use of talking. However, once they met in person a physical bond was formed. Everything they did had a more emotional aspect than just two people talking online.  They can notice each others qualities in person, creating a better friendship along with it (or in another case could ruin a friendship).

Stereotypical people who have met one another in person are usually seen to know each other more than someone who has only talked online. If you take away the communicating aspect (IE texting or skype) with someone online, there is hardly a connection, and the inability to understand one another, If you take away the same aspect of someone you know in real life, you still have the other “senses” to understand one another. In our experiment on senses we took away half of the classes sense of hearing and the other half we took away sight. Somehow they were still able to understand the photos and information they were given, even if they were at a disadvantage when gaining that knowledge. If one were to do that experiment while online with someone, it would not work as well. By online in this case I don’t mean by Skype, but even that would be more difficult than having the people present in the same room.


Then does a cyber world really count as a “real world”? Or in what ways do the real world trump cyberspace?

If people are not with one another, how would they be able to perceive others thoughts. Can it be found solely on words?


One Response to Intellectual Knowledge? Or Physical?

  1. ktay says:

    Your post is nicely written, with a good example to illustrate your theory. I agree with your point that our understanding of our world comes from a synthesis of both intellectual and physical knowledge, but I disagree with your point about text not being an effective form of communication. Language, if used effectively, has inherent nuances that can be used to communicate emotion to its reader. Many things can be communicated solely through words, although body language does enhance their meaning. I believe that the cyber world is a representation of the real world that is found in text and various forms of media, that can effectively communicate the thoughts of others.


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