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Knowledge is experience

If you gain knowledge through experience, and knowledge is the information you retain then knowledge is the amassed information.

crocodile-dundee-1986-6240-8013771942In my view, knowledge is what you learn from everything around you. All the experiences you go through, help aid you to be a more knowledgeable person. For example in the Crocodile Dundee movies, Mic is very knowledgeable about living and surviving in the Australian outback, because that is where he grew up. Most of his life experiences have to with learning the ways of the outback.While Sue ha vast knowledge about city life and almost nothing about being in the outdoors. Through the movie they both experience a taste of a different world and it makes them both have a greater knowledge from their experiences.

I think subconsciously we choose the information we keep, and our knowledge is the retained information. We chose the information we think well need down the road. Say you live in the mountains of Montana, your going to want to know how to survive. So your subconscious will choose the information it needs. If someone told you how to make a excel document, you’ll probably forget how to do it after a little while, because you know you wont need this information.

What we consider knowledge is all the information we’ve accumulated over time, the information that we thought was worth holding onto.


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