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Patterns helping Predictions helping Understanding

What I Can Predict:

Each day we wake up with a good idea of how the next 24 hours is going to play out. There are a number of things we do in a day that we know about in advance. But there are many more things we expierence without knowing beforehand. People like to categorize and notice patterns. For example, I’ve gone to school every tuesday this school year, so I can easily predict, or know that I will attend school today. Based on the pattern of my weekly tuesdays, I can share the knowledge that I will go to school and then work.

A Demanded Prediction:

A larger scale example of patterns are weather forecasts. Weather is predicted by collecting data about the current state of the atmosphere, then applying what we already know about the the nature of the atmosphere. Unlike a desired prediction such as next weeks lottery numbers, or when I will die, the weather is constantlty predicted quite accurately.

Patterns are created by routine, as well as trial and error. I know what I did yesterday, I know what I’m doing now. Therefore I can make assumptions about what I will do tomorrow.




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